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TPSM are an ISO 9001:2000 registered company. Our Quality System is reviewed quarterly by Management Review to ensure it meets the primary business objective; that of providing a first class service to our customers.

All requirements of the system employed or the processes we use are recognised and documented in our Quality Manual. You can view our certificate here.

Our Service

  • We will assist in the design of your new or existing products, together with value
    engineering the materials and processes used to get the optimum cost benefit.
  • We will use Solid Works to present our ideas to you before we commence manufacture.
  • We will tailor our customer support and liaison to what you require and the
    level of contact you need from us.
  • We will fast track prototype your product to ensure the production batch will fulfil
    your expectations and ours. Time to market is reduced
  • We will review the contract and see how we can improve things next time.
    We will report back to you.
  • We can offer our services on a traditional sub-contract sheet metal basis.
  • We can provide a fully assembled and tested product on what we call
    a ‘sheet metal solution’ basis.
  • We guarantee hands on management style from the top down to ensure
    communication is clear and effective and promises made delivered.

Our Aim

TPSM aims to provide a consistently competitive service to all our customers with the support of our strategic partners.

The future goal is to continue to grow whilst maintaining an investment programme to support the increased activity.

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