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Design & Proto-typing

Our Research and Development department uses Solid Works to cut the time required on design and prototyping. Instead of manufacturing five different prototypes, 3D models can be drawn, interrogated and amended until the concept and the final design are ready to be manufactured. This really does save time and money.

We have made further recent investments in the Fast-track prototyping cell, using the latest Laser cutting technology, but we don't stop at the flat blank, nor the metal panel. We go beyond sheet metal to consider the entire electro-mechanical assembly.

In recent projects, this has applied to banking (auto-telling machinery), auto-ticketing, vending, catering equipment and automotive industries. It often requires us to consider turning & machining in a wide variety of metals.

We also work with strategic partners to bring about purpose-built solutions incorporating plastics, glues and composites; in doing so, we have built up a vast knowledge base in a multitude of applications.

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