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To most sub-contractors, Press-braking is a necessity, whereas Panel bending is a luxury.

Teparay is the only sub-contractor in the U.K. to use 3 of these high accuracy folding machines; why? because, we have taken the principle of producing steel furniture, shelves and light fittings and applied it to numerous other sectors we serve...we can offer these industries the same efficiences of scale and also give them the best consistency.

Complex panels and profiles not possible to be formed on standard press brakes can be produced on these servo-driven machines.

3 x Salvagnini Servo-driven Panel Benders: P4.2516, P2, Performer+.

    To complement the Salvagnini Panel Benders we use Amada press brakes. These universal machines allow us to produce small components and high bend panels which would otherwise be outside of the range of the panel bender.

    5 x Amada CNC Press Brakes

    • HFE8025S (2 off)
    • HFB8025 8-axis
    • ITS 25020
    • and a Promecam with Hurco control,
      for use in the Rapid Proto-typing cell

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