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TPSM has grown from a sub-contract sheet metal company into an organisation able to offer manufactured solutions in metal on a variety of levels.

Financially strong in a sector not known for its strength, TPSM can undertake and finance large contracts yet is capable by using its flexible approach and machinery to produce small batch runs.

Based in Hainault, Essex 5 miles from the M25 motorway, our 80,000 square foot factory houses a wide range of capabilities including: CNC Punching, Laser Cutting, Panel Folding, Bending, Welding, Powder Coating, Assembly, Warehousing and Despatch.

The equipment we use is extensive, modern and, where this adds value, automated.

Our staff, suppliers and strategic partners are key in the process to deliver a quality product.

Our Research and Development department uses Solid Works to cut the time required on design and prototyping. Instead of manufacturing five different prototypes, 3D models can be drawn, interrogated and amended until the concept and the final design are ready to be manufactured. This really does save time and money.

TPSM's ability to adapt and remain flexible within the ever changing sheet metal market has been vital to its continued success. A hands-on approach by the Directors means the company retains the drive and enthusiasm required to ensure a high quality product is delivered with the fastest turnaround achievable.

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